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Wine Event Expectations!

Thinking about hosting your own Wine Tasting with me as your Wine Guide?


I make the events as fun and easy on my hosts as I can. After all, I don’t just want your current business, I want your RETURN business! I have found that if my Hosts and I work together using my host coaching system, they tend to have very nice tastings with sales(and rewards for the hosts) above the national average!

So, here’s a break down of what you can expect from me as your Wine Guide
followed by what I will need from You as a Wine Host! 

What I Need to do:

1.     Create the invitations on FaceBook and provide you with graphics for texting, FB` and email.

2.     Assist you with email invitations and reminders. Provide you with graphics to text to your guests as well!

3.     Send you food pairing options.

4.     Keep you informed in the weeks leading up to the event with emails and short phone calls. Really short. Seriously. Short. Like me.

5.     Bring 5 bottles of fabulous wine.

6.     Provide glasses for up to 18 people.

7.     Entertain & Educate for 1 hour.

8.     Reward you & your guests with discounts & wine!

9.     Help everyone order their favorites.

10. Reward YOU with discounts and maybe FREE wine!


What YOU Need to do:

1.     Invite 30-40+ Wine-loving guests.

2.     Pick food pairings from the selections I send you.

3.     Remind guests that it is a wine ORDERING event.

4.     Keep guests excited in the weeks ahead.

5.     Work with me in the planning stages.

a.       Read through the host coaching emails I send (about 5 minutes or less each).

b.      Entertain me with 3-5 minute follow up calls after most host coaching emails.

6.     Confirm and re-confirm all guests in the days leading up to the tasting.

7.     Hangout, Relax and HAVE FUN!






Let’s Do this!

Julie Smith

Three Star Leader and Wine Guide

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