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Let’s Get This Tasting Started!

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Here are a few things to remember as you plan for your tasting…


Keep inviting and talking about the tasting!

Your guests will only be as excited as you are, so please make sure to keep the tasting in the forefront of their minds!


Do you need additional wine?
I will bring the Tasting Set of 5 wines, however if you’d like additional wine available the night of your tasting, you may pre-order wine on my website using this link. Let me know which wines you ordered and I can give you food pairing suggestions on those as well. Pre-ordering additional Traveling Vineyard wines will give your guests the opportunity to try a wider variety of our wines. These wines are also available for your guests to purchase. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.


Is someone not able to attend? 
Not all of your guests will be able to attend your event. However, all of the guests have the ability to place an order by contacting me directly and I can place the order for him or her.   I can also give you an Order Form for the guest to fill out.  The easiest was for a guest to order is to you your direct ordering link. This link can be found in the FaceBook Event in the Event Description.

Check out our Rewards and Offers  and learn how you can earn up to 25% off your entire order, 4 FREE bottles of wine and take advantage of the guest rewards as well. You can also earn one ½ price Wine Accessory item for EACH tasting that is booked at your wine event up to three.


Next Steps

  • I will be in touch for a quick 3-4 minute phone call! We will review the host rewards, your invitation lists, and things like that. This is a good time for you to ask any questions you may have.  You can also call me at 269.615.6580
  • I will probably have your wine selections in the next 10 days or so (unless you’re reading ahead, ha ha)!!!!


Please Note!

Please understand that this is not a hobby for me. It is my job. I take my job seriously and count on it as a source of income for my family. When talking to friends and family, please be sure to remind people this is a wine BUYING event NOT just a party with free wine!  We need to make sure our event hits at least $250 in sales for me to recoup my out of pocket expenses for the wine and for you to take advantage of our awesome rewards!!! I am always available to help you & answer any questions you may have. Let’s make this a HUGE event for us both!  If there is any possibility that you feel you scheduled your party for the wrong reasons, please let me know immediately so I may have an opportunity to reschedule with another. This allows me to free up my time, spend quality time with my family and to continue to provide these events to others at no cost to them.


In case you missed it, the Wine Event Expectations provides a simple breakdown of what I will do for you and what I need you to do for me to ensure the best tasting experience possible!


Need some review? Please refer back to the Main Hosting Page!

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