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Please check out these awesome companies that saw something special in my blog and wanted to be a part of it! If you happen to favor any of these retailers, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d get to them using one of the links on my blog (see FTC nonsense below).

Ridiculously Required FTC Disclosure: I firmly believe that everyone of my readers/visitors/friends/all y’all are smart enough to understand that the advertisers/affiliates/merchants on this page along with ads in various spots on my freakin’ funny blog are paid advertisers. I also firmly believe that all of you reading this have the ability to determine through sheer brain power that I do receive payment (typically money – I no longer barter for livestock – too smelly and it broke a great number of city ordinances) for said ads. The government, however, thinks you are all a bunch of brain-dead dumb-asses who can’t figure that out without me spelling it out here. Also, what’s the fun of going through another day without finding yourself rapped up in bureaucratic red-tape? So there you go …………….. Now the FTC believes you are all further enlightened, and we all just justified another government desk jockey. By the way, no, I have not shopped at each and every one of these. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to though!!!!!!!!!!!! And when in the hell is White House Black Market going to start sending me free clothes in return for reviews?  That would be the best day ever!!!!

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