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Daily Necessities of Life – and Coffee Helps Too

About This Blog, DSDW

I’m pretty good at selling things. I have a side business selling wine, and I am kind of big deal at that. Ok, I’m on fire! I also can talk up any of my freelance clients who hire me to write their marketing material. In fact, get me going, and I can’t STFU. But, when it comes to selling myself …………. it’s like I got nothing.

Here it is in a nutshell: If you have one of those sarcastic, snarky friends that you always depend on for a laugh, and you can’t find her when you need her, you should read my blog.

As the cover page states, this blog is primarily written for those who need a quick laugh to relieve the stresses and worries of every day life. It’s written from the perspective of a middle-aged Mom who is often told she’s funny. It’s light-hearted, but it’s definitely PG-13.


I used to be a newspaper reporter, so team that with how I make my friends laugh, and people started encouraging me to go back in to writing but to focus on humor this time. So, I’ve come to these possible conclusions:27367956ddb623f1f621708239a6a764

  1. Maybe I was a bad reporter and they wanted to make sure I didn’t go that route again. Aww! How sweet to look out for me in a really condescending way! 
  2. Maybe they only pretend I’m funny and telling me to write about it is an attempt to get me to shut up and/or quit making so many status updates/texts/etc. Those bastards have no sense of humor.
  3. Maybe they are on to something and this is my niche. I hate people who use overused words that die quickly like niche.

Though I stressed over the title, it really was the simplest part of the blog for me. Every day I dance, sing and drink wine. Honestly, if I didn’t do a little of each of those every day, I’d probably die. 

In my brief blogging experience I have come to realize that there are a million types of blogs but only a few reasons people write them:

  • They really need attention.
    • Here’s my outfit that I wore yesterday. I totally got it all at Target, and I feel so chic! Except my shoes. I “borrowed” them from my unemployed roommate. 
    • Seriously, my kids really are the best. My life is better than anyone else’s. Let me prove it to you with 10 million pictures of things you don’t care about!!!! See? Awesome! 
  • They need to further show off how smart they are.
    • I’m going to review shit and tell you how I could have made it better.
    • I’m going to tell you how you’re doing everything wrong and try to get you to spend money on my book that will fix everything.
  • They are too damn lazy to write a real diary.
  • They are just using the blog as a vehicle to launch a writing career. That’s ME!!!!

Basically, this blog is an extension of my self-conscious. It’s where I get to say all the things I want to say out loud in real life but can’t. But, instead of just saying it, I put it in to scenarios that may or may not have happened.  I guess it’s kind of my own little acid trip. If I know you personally, you may recognize yourself in some of my posts. If you’re flattered, get over yourself. If you’re offended, then it totally was not you! 

Let me know what you think! Check out my advertisers/business partners. Please visit often too! I need the stats!!!!!



Whatcha Think? Let me know, please!!! Cheers!

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