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All I Want for Christmas is a Wine Club!

This is a sponsored post – someone has to pay for all my wine!

I have three kids and a husband. I love them all and would lay my life down for any of them, but on a daily basis they suck the life right out of me. 

Seriously, were it not for my nightly glass (or four) of wine to look forward to as my days get longer and longer, I’d probably be a hot weeping mess by 9:30 every night. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that instead of telling me to “take a pill,” my kids actually go get me a bottle of wine from my wine cooler. The two older ones have actually opened the bottle and poured me a glass on occasion. They even know how to use my aerator, God Bless them. Hey – it’s a skill they’ll need during after college anyway. Don’t judge. They only wine they have consumed was at their respective First Holy Communions. They just fetch it for now. 

So, this year for Christmas, I told my husband it’s time to shop smart. I told him to buy me a Wine Club Membership with The Traveling Vineyard. The best part is, he gets the first month at a HUGE Discount as long as he gets it before Cyber Monday is over on 11/30/15 at 11:59pm EDT. 

The Prices Show When You Click This Ad Are the Sale Prices!

The Prices Shown When You Click This Ad Are the Sale Prices!

Check it out! It’s bi-monthly and you have OPTIONS:

  • Choose Six-Bottle or Four-Bottle shipments
  • Choose for a Selection of Reds or a Mixed Selection of Reds and Whites

Plus, it’s delivered right to your door! And, there’s NO COMMITMENT – cancel anytime!!! Who would not want this? Come to Mama — that’s what I say! With all the wine I’ll be getting, I can finally make myself some Quality Sangria


True Story.

So, here’s to you and yours. Mine will be much more bearable once that first shipment of six lovely, delicious, enchanting bottles arrives! I might even share with some of my favorite Wine Drinking Friends

Whatcha Think? Let me know, please!!! Cheers!

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