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You Might Be A Competitive Dance Mom If …..

Every year, hundreds of Moms across the country and in various other countries cross that line from being a Recreation Dance Mom to being a Competitive Dance Mom. And every year, they all swear that they will never turn in to stereotypical Dance Moms.

Sorry sisters, we veteran Dance Moms said that once too, and we all look back at that and laugh. Oh, how we laugh!

The truth is, we all love our kids enough to suck it up and be what the kids need us to be. And it’s all not bad. In fact, most of it is fun!



pink-tshirt (1)Your favorite places to eat are between your house and the dance studio.


You’ve ever asked your studio director to choose a vacation-friendly venue for Nationals.


You no longer notice the smell scent of the dance studio.


Every other check you write is dance related.


You get excited for overnight stays at competitions and you know exactly which wines you’ll take to share with the other Dance Moms.


When you watch your dancer land a jump or a trick, you land it with her. In your seat. In the audience.


It seems perfectly normal to you to talk about buying bra tops and booty shorts for your daughter.


You have zip ties, fabric tapetravel sewing kits and other quick fasteners at the bottom of every purse you own.


Every load of laundry has leotards or tights.


The brushes in your dancer’s makeup kit are nicer than your own.


You write blog posts like this while sitting in the Dance Studio lobby waiting on your dancer.


Your shower at home is filled with all the tiny shampoos and conditioners collected at various hotels at various competitions.


You don’t think twice about calling around looking for the best prices on butt glue while sitting in any number of waiting rooms filled with people who have no idea what you’re talking about.


b6534894-d919-4723-8fc8-db5649d67096You secretly follow at least one of the ALDC Moms on Instagram.


You have left a restaurant wondering if the waitress might panic when she sees the discarded eyelashes your daughter forgot to retrieve before you left.


Rhinestones can be found littered all over your minivan.



You hear a cool new song and immediately know which dance teacher to send it to.


You buy hairspray and gel in bulk.


You tell your husband to quit screaming like a girl because that creature is not a mutant rodent, it’s a bundle of hair pins and a hair net!


The other Dance moms become you sisters. Even ones from other studios.


costumeclosetYou have a special closet in your house exclusively for dance costumes, bags, accessories and props.


You’re a ninja when it comes to sneaking snacks in to dressing rooms.


Your current collection of dance competition t-shirts outnumbers all the concert t-shirts you have owned.


enhanced-buzz-9433-1372095018-7Your kids have the best hair for class parties thanks to those awesome hair donuts!


You remember competition venues based on the concessions.



You’ve considered sneaking just some of those competition trophies in to next year’s yard sale.


And finally …………….


You don’t care what anyone says. You LOVE being a Competitive Dance Mom and you’ll wear the title proudly even after your dancer quits dancing! 

Say It Loud! Say It Proud!

c235536673627e18064f8ed158e04063Are you a Competitive Dance Mom?

What’s your favorite thing about it? Tell us all in the comments below!


One comment on “You Might Be A Competitive Dance Mom If …..

  1. Just A Dance Teacher's Kid
    January 6, 2016

    LOVEEEEE! So true

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