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Nine Questions More Important Than Is Glenn Dead or Alive?

is glen dead

It’s all over social media and television! It’s talked about in blogs and in print!

Enough already!!!!

As much as I have come to count on Glenn being in every episode and cleaning up what Rick misses (much like how a baseball teams counts on the shortstop to catch those low balls when the pitcher jumps out of the way), I’m nearly at the point of no longer caring.

I mean, c’mon! He’s probably not dead, and even if he is, the writers will find someone else to step in to the role of Rick’s Most Level Headed and Morally Conscious Lieutenant within an episode or two. Plus, Maggie will move on. And don’t you think she really needs to anyway? They have got to be the most boring Zombie Apocalypse Couple EVER!

Besides, since most TWD followers have pretty much decided Glenn is alive, aren’t there more important questions to be answered?

What was in that casserole Carol was making right before the big attacking in JSS (S6E2)? Did she eat it or pitch it?

Maybe if she had of made cookies, it all would have turned out differently?

Maybe if she had of made cookies, it all would have turned out differently?

When will Carl figure out that Bieber Fever is over and let Jessie give him a real haircut?

Walker Bieber called and wants his hair back, Carl!

Walker Bieber called and wants his hair back, Carl!

Speaking of Carl, why did he grow so quickly while his sister does not?

Yeah, either Carl is taking post-apocolyptic roids, or there is a small descrepancy in aging ...

Yeah, either Carl is taking post-apocalyptic roids, or there is a small discrepancy in aging …

Where are they getting all the gas for the vehicles? First, it seems it all would have been pilfered and used in the first two seasons. Second, doesn’t it deteriorate over time? Wouldn’t leftover gas be pretty useless by now?

TWD winnie

If Glenn does live, when is he going to take Maggie on a real date? They’re safe and sound in Alexandria mostly, so pull the posse together so you can pull off the “most romantic date ever” already! And why hasn’t the cast given them a couple’s nickname like Glaggie yet? 


There has got to be a nice park setting in Alexandria for a romantic picnic date like this! Get with the program, Glaggie!

When will one of the two Ryans (Reynolds or Gosling) make a cameo as themselves? One could be a Walker and the other still alive. The Human Ryan kills the Walker Ryan while Aaron and Eric try to get their autographs. Epic.

Jesus, take the wheel! How do we decide?

It would be the most watched episode ever!

How come every time someone pulls a gun we hear the hammer being cocked, yet most of the guns used don’t have an external hammer to cock? Is the sound effect crew drinking too much Red Bull?


How does Rick really know that Judith is his?

rick and shane

Finally, is Fear the Walking Dead really shining new light for TWD viewers or is it really just another way for AMC to make money?

Speaking of make money …. For those who just can’t let Glenn go, click on the “dog tag” below and order this from Amazon to show your support! Thanks!

7 comments on “Nine Questions More Important Than Is Glenn Dead or Alive?

  1. Samantha
    November 3, 2015

    Your post is full of humor – although I don’t really watch the Walking Dead (I find it a tad scary…I’m a chicken, I know), I learned a little bit more about it from your post!!

    Especially the part about Bieber…LOL

    • Julie Smith
      November 3, 2015

      Ha ha! I actually have my hands covering my eyes for about 78% of the show!

  2. You are hilarious! I binge watched the first seasons of TWD and liked it. Now I want to watch it again. Between the post-apocalyptic roids and Bieber haircut I’m still laughing!

  3. Lindsay (@itssimplylinds)
    November 3, 2015

    I LOVE this hilarious, spot-on list of crucial Walking Dead questions. I would like to know about Carol’s cookies. As far as Rick knowing if Judith is really his, he doesn’t know for sure for sure, but remember Lori said, no matter what, she IS yours, meaning even if it wasn’t his, he would be her father. I am baffled by the gas situation and would like to know how Rick will get out of the RV!!

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  5. Brooke @ Silver Lining
    November 16, 2015

    So funny! I don’t watch the show but now I kind of want to.

    • Julie Smith
      November 16, 2015

      You really should watch it. If you have Netflix, you can go back and watch it from the very beginning. That’s what I did. My husband used to watch it when he was deployed. When he came home I kind of made fun of him for it. Last year there was nothing else to watch on TV one night after the kids had gone to bed, so I said what the heck? Now I’m addicted to it, ha ha.

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