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Being Broke Is the New Black! The Upside To Being Poor

Set back/schmet back! Yeah, we used to grocery shop with wild abandon and surfed the mall like bosses. Do we miss it?

Hell yes, we miss it.


But still, taking the “humble road” for the past year or so has taught me a few things:

Couponing Can Be Fun IF You Treat It Like A Sport

9611c8aa0bfbf340f3164e09b21c601cWhen I first started couponing, I wanted to kill myself. But, when I started figuring it out and realizing I was saving 25% more than just shopping the sales, I first wanted to brag tell everyone, and then I wanted to get that percentage higher. I started competing with myself and challenging others (even people who didn’t coupon). I found myself high fiving other Moms with coupons binders as we passed in the grocery aisles (most high fived back). It’s awesome! Until the day when I don’t have to do it anymore.

Extreme Couponing: Learn How to Be a Savvy Shopper and Save Money… One Coupon At a Time


Turkey Loaf Has Potential

Listen, slice that money saver up, put it on top of thick bread with a slice of tomato, some cheese and some diced up peppers and then broil it until the cheese bubbles, and you’ve got yourself something almost fancy decent! Save that gravy and call it au jus! Yumtastic! It’s all in how your spin it!

Yeah, I made this up. Like A Boss!

Yeah, I made this up. Like A Boss! Add cheap wine and generic ginger ale, and you got yourself a meal!

More Ideas In The Budget Cookbook: 57 Delicious Recipes You Can Cook at Home to Have Restaurant Quality Meals on a Shoestring Budget (The Essential Kitchen Series Book 13)


Returning Bottles Can Be A Work-Out If You Do It Right

You can even do this with as few as 20 cans and bottles. This will ensure you do enough reps. Take the bottles in, choose your return machine, pop in the earbuds with your favorite workout tunes playing and start! With each rep you pick up one bottle/can in each hand and do the following:

20 Overhead should presses – deposit cans
10 Lunges with cans at side – deposit cans
10 Lunges with overhead shoulder presses – deposit cans
10 Squats with curls – deposit cans
10 Squats with hammer curls – deposit cans
20 Dead lifts – deposit cans
10 Lunges with lateral raises – deposit cans
10 Lunges with overhead extensions – deposit cans
10 Squats with L-lifts – deposit cans
10 Squats with front raises – deposit cans

You won’t look crazy if you’re the only one there!

And, not only did you save money by not going to the gym, you MADE MONEY (back) while getting your sweat on! Bitchin’ good!


Mom Was Right! Sometimes Paper Plates Can Be Washed and Reused!

Ok, not paper, but those foam plates can go be hand washed if you’re just that fucking nuts.

Use and Reuse Hefty Everyday Foam Plates, 200 Count


Walmart Still Sucks

What a flipping mess!

What a flipping mess!

The upside is that if you have to go get that lowest guaranteed price, at least you don’t have to wear makeup! They even have a “no judgement policy” if you don’t brush your hair.


Aldis Rocks and Does Not Discriminate

You can find a shit ton of great deals at an Aldi, and you don’t need to be offended if they ask if you’re paying with credit, debit or a government program. Apparently, they ask that of everyone – at least that’s what the snotty little weasel-looking turd at the check tells me.


Finally, Getting Catalogs In the Mail Does Not Have To Be Depressing

Sure, there’s no way you can order all those awesome Lands End and Pottery Barn items that used to seem like chump change, but those catalogs are great for ripping up and helping to get your cheap, generic charcoal burning so you can grill your hot dogs in style!

One catalog can cook all the hot dogs bought during one extreme couponing session.

One catalog can cook all the hot dogs bought during one extreme couponing session.

This post contained affiliate links. I think that’s obvious, but the FTC doesn’t.

Whatcha Think? Let me know, please!!! Cheers!

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