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Love Wine? Need Money?

People in sales everywhere will tell you that the two things that SELL in ANY ECONOMY are makeup and WINE!

There has never been a better time to consider starting a new career – be it full time, part time or some time, with The Traveling Vineyard!!! Believe me, there is no shortage of people who want to buy wine!!!

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Click the Picture to register!!!! You will soon see why this has been the BEST OPPORTUNITY for me and so many others!


Another Shameless Plus - because it's true! Join my team and start earning money by doing in-home wine tastings! Seriously! It's a real fucking job! Ask me how! Or click on the photo for more info!

Click for more info!

I have been a proud Wine Guide with The Traveling Vineyard since May of 2013. It is a direct sales company where we do in-home wine tastings and direct ship the wine to our customers. It’s the most fun job in the world! Not only do I get to spend my time “at work” trying new wines from all over the world, I have made literally hundreds of new friends (and customers) while I’m at it!



After you read through this, please feel free to register for a no-strings FREE 60 minute informational webinar on Wednesday August 26th at 1:00PM EDT. Click here to register! Afterwards, please get back to me and let me know what you think!

My job is simple! I take five FREE bottles of wine to my hosts’ homes and share them with the hosts’ friends and family. We spend about an hour sampling the wines and trying them with different foods. It’s so much fun!!! Afterwards, the wine pretty much sells itself. I simply take the orders and get paid a commission as high as THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT! How cool is that?

When I started, I had a very limited knowledge base on wine. I kind-of-sort-of knew what I liked, but I had no clue about how to pair it with the right foods. Because of that, I was limited. But, The Traveling Vineyard has such an incredible training program and support system, that I was fully capable of running my own tasting (without ever having been to one myself) in less than two weeks! Fast froward 2.5 years to now, and I am doing 2-3 tastings each week and I have a TEAM of 34 Wine Guides (FIVE GENERATIONS STRONG)!!!!! At The Traveling Vineyard, we like to say that the only real requirement for the job is being awesome!

The Traveling Vineyard has by far exceeded my expectations for income and personal fulfillment!

And, it’s so EASY to Join!

All you do is go online, fill out the online forms, enter your billing info, and BAM! You’re a Wine Guide on my Pay-It-Corkward Team!!! Your Success Kit will be on it’s way to you shortly, and you can start your online training right away! When you join, you get an incredible success kit filled with everything you need to get started! It has enough Wine for your first two tastings, all your glasses (complete with a handy carrying case), business supplies and a wide variety of our accessories to demo at your tastings! Plus, it has our new Sommology System that makes conducting the tasting even easier than before! Did I mention you get a FREE Newsletter sent to all your customers for life and you get your website for free for three months too!

Still not convinced? No worries! Why not check out our Cheif Grape Stomper, Rick, in a live webinar on Wednesday, August 26th at 1pm EST! Please register by clicking here! After the webinar, drop me a line here in the comments section or visit my FaceBook Page to let me know what you thought and what questions you might have!


My only question to you is, how soon do you want to start making MONEY with The Traveling Vineyard? Let me know, and I’ll be with you ever single step of the way! 

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