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Moms and Stress Should NOT Mix!

Are you a Mom? Do you have kids? Feelings? Demands? Stress? A schedule?  A Pulse? Yeah, me too. You don’t have to do it all alone. It’s ok to use nature for help sometimes. (No, not pot.)

So, the day that my Mood Bliss from NativOrganics arrived in the mail was like Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July all wrapped in to one blissful five minutes of pure joy. An organic product made up of things I could pronounce that promised to help make it all better! Oh, hell yes!

It had been a typical “bad Mom day,” complete with trying to begin the coordination of fall sports and activities for three kids, a pool algae situation that was ruining everyone’s summer, my husband stalking around like Red Foreman as he waited to hear about a possible new job, my son refusing to learn to ride his new bike, my oldest daughter declaring she had no intentions of going back to church – ever, and my middle kid (the one with Asperger’s) behaving so well that I was sure she was working on a plan to ride her brother’s bike off the roof and into the algae-ridden pool while reciting the Rosary– or something like that. Oh yeah, and I also dropped my phone and smashed it so badly that it was rendered useless.

It was a bad day.

But this new product, given to me as a gift from NativOrganics, promised to make it all seem better!

Not only is it supposed to reduce stress and anxiety, it also promises to help you relax.

Seriously? Relax? Shit, yeah! Give me some!

There’s also an ingredient to elevate your mood and another to help you sleep at night! Uppers and downers? No worries – it’s organic!

But STFU! There’s also a compound in there that is supposed to improve your memory AND learning ability, heighten your intelligence and increase your physical ability!!!

It’s a busy Mom’s Dream Come True!!!!!


So, yes, I ripped that package open like a starved and rabid raccoon ripping in to my bitchy neighbor’s garbage cans. (I’ve actually never seen that happen but this woman is so hard to take that I do fantasize about this at least three times a week.)

First Try

The directions say to take 1-2 capsules daily. It was approaching evening, so I figured it would be best for me to just take one. Not sure why, but that was my approach. The capsules are rather big in my typically outspoken opinion and did have a dusty residue on them. Not the easiest thing to swallow, but I’ve had escargot, dammit! I can swallow anything. My husband saw the powdery stuff and asked me if they were made in someone’s kitchen. The pill hadn’t kicked in yet, so I was in no mood. I threw a notebook at him. He didn’t mention it again.

 I did have a nice and pleasant evening. I even apologized for the notebook incident, and that’s not me. I didn’t solve any major world math problems or memorize the dictionary, but I was in a good mood all evening. To be fair, just the arrival of the supplements might have been enough to convince me I was suddenly in a good mood. I tend to buy in to shit pretty quickly.

Moving on ………..

Second Try

mood bliss 3 bottlesThe next day I opted to take two capsules in the morning. After all, last night’s dose did seem to produce a good mood followed by a good night’s sleep, so why not? And, I did seem to be in good spirits all day. However, about 4pm, everything changed. My husband got home from a job he does not particularly care for. He was a grump-ass grouch to say the least. I had to get dinner made quickly and then take the middle kid, a competitive dancer, to her summer intensive classes. That just started the bad mood, and it didn’t improve. Bad mood or not, I still noticed I had a bit more energy than normal when I took my dog on our nightly 1.5 mile walk. Still, I wished I had taken just one capsule earlier so I could take another now, but no luck. I was stuck in a bad mood, so I just drank wine and forgot about it.


Third Try

The next day I decided to switch it up a bit. I was still after a better mood ALL day, and that drive to solve a big math problem like Matt Damon did in Good Will Hunting still lingered. I took one capsule in the morning with the intention of taking another mid to later-afternoon. This turned out to be the best idea because it give me the energy and will to get the house fairly cleaned in the morning, and when I found myself faced with numerous phone calls from high maintenance people, I was able to get through them without telling them to stick it up their collective asses. Seriously, that’s huge! Then I took my afternoon dose, and BAM! It worked! I was in a good mood for the rest of the busy evening of summer dance and cross country practices.

I should mention, I slept very well each night.

Conclusion: It’s A Keeper!!!

So, I will continue with my regimen of taking one in the morning and one in the later afternoon hours. This seems to work best for me.

I also plan to leave a bottle on the door step of that bitchy neighbor I mentioned earlier and hope she tries them. I might even sneak some in to my husband’s coffee.

Oh yeah! This is a sponsored post.

MalePower ig2

Whatcha Think? Let me know, please!!! Cheers!

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