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Cheers To YOU, For Stopping By!!!

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This blog is written primarily for – and absolutely dedicated to – the over-worked, dog-tired, stressed out, super-awesome, always-hot (even when we’re not) Moms of the world. But everyone else is certainly welcome too. In fact, you really don’t have to be a Mom to read this. My only requests are that you have:

  • A Pulse;
  • A Soul;
  • A Heart; and

It’s also a plus if you really like wine, coffee and singing and dancing throughout your day. I don’t care what order. No judgement here (unless you prefer cheap wine, then you need to provide a reference or two).

Where To Start? AKA How To Navigate My Little (Blog) World

Please look around and see what interests you.  Check out that side bar on the right for a list of my categories and top posts. That’s a good place to start.

If you glance over to the left sidebar, you’ll see my list of pages (they tend to lead to more pages, so pour yourself a glass of wine first). These will show you my SPONSORS – please show me the love by shopping through these links if you are so incline.  A couple pages might give you more insight about ME, my love for WINE, and also this BLOG. There are some fun pages that give you great WINE RECIPES and that will give you a good LAUGH.  One page will tell you about my other job SELLING WINE! There’s more too. I hope you can check them all out. I don’t have a prize if you do, but I will throw you air kisses!!

Show Me Some Love, Please!

There are also some options on that sidebar for you to follow this blog and to follow me on other social media platforms.Of course, you’ll always have a special place in my heart if you share one (oh hell, all) of my posts on other social media platforms. Go for it. You’ll feel good about helping me out. Seriously. It’s a good thing. You do know about Paying it Forward, right? Right? Follow my blog with Bloglovin

You can also show my husband and son some love and check out their YouTube Channel. It’s all about DIY Home Repair and Gardening. There’s also a link in the Right Sidebar!

Can You Do Me A Favor While You’re At It?

Would you mind letting me know what you think once you’ve taken a look around? What else would you like to see? Be honest. I used to be a newspaper reporter, so I actually can track anyone down, but I promise not to. Probably not, anyway.

So, for now, Cheers!

2 comments on “Cheers To YOU, For Stopping By!!!

  1. Sandy KS
    July 20, 2015

    I love your blog. It is unique and looks lovely. I love how you talk about what is going from another woman’s perspective.

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